How Our Prince George Acupuncture Mixes Ancient Techniques with Modern Science

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese treatment of placing thin, sterile needles in specific areas of the body to release tension and aid in reducing overall pain. The team in Prince George at Physionorth Sports & Wellness Centre incorporates acupuncture into modern, Western medicinal treatments. This synergy has proven effective in helping patients recover from many types of physical injuries.

Acupuncture is one aspect of traditional Chinese medicine which also includes nutritional therapy, herbology, acupressure, exercise (Tai Chi) and meditation (Qi Gong). It has been prevalent in China for thousands of years but only became popular in the Western World in the 1950's. The Chinese philosophy believes that there is a flow of energy (Qi) in all living things. In the body, this energy flows through channels or meridians; each meridian affecting a different organ system. Certain meridians have a more positive orientation and others a more negative orientation, but as long as the person is healthy, the energy flow, although fluctuating, is balanced. Disease results when there is a blockage or physiological imbalance between opposing forces (yin and yang) of this energy. Acupuncture removes this blockage and helps restore a balanced flow of energy resulting in a return to health. The philosophy also states that the mind, body, emotions, and nature are inter-related; one affects the other. Electrical stimulation and moxibustion may be added to the acupuncture needles to increase the stimulation to the points and cupping provides an inhibiting, calming effect.

While it is a helpful treatment, it is important that only trained professionals perform acupuncture. All three physiotherapists at Physionorth are qualified in the application of acupuncture and enjoy using it as part of their treatment. If you would like to try it please speak to your therapist .

Home care is available by request.

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