Cold Laser Therapy for Prince George
Say ‘Goodbye’ to Chronic Pain

Sometimes referred to as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), cold laser therapy is increasingly being used to treat chronic and painful conditions. Physionorth Sports & Wellness Centre in Prince George uses cold laser therapy to speed up the healing process of muscle injuries, as well as increase muscle strength, decrease inflammation and relieve pain.

How does cold laser therapy work? Cold laser therapy works in a narrow band of light, typically in the red and near-infrared spectrum. This type of light can be achieved using either lasers or LEDs. Cold laser therapy works by means of a photochemical process, where the specialized light penetrates the skin, reduces oxidative stressors while actively promoting adenosine triphosphate, the coenzyme responsible for energy transfer. We use cold lasers from Apollo, a division of Pivotal Health Solutions.

Learn More about Cold Laser Therapy

To learn more about the technology behind cold laser therapy and how it is used in a clinical setting,  visit the website of our cold laser therapy device manufacturer, Apollo , or  call us for additional details .

Home care is available by request.

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