Answers to Your Physiotherapy Questions

Do I need a doctor's referral?

Generally a doctor's referral is not needed to receive physiotherapy unless it is an ICBC or Worksafe injury. Many extended health companies also require a referral for their coverage.

What is the length of your appointment treatment?

There are several things we recommend bring to your appointment. These include:

  • Doctor's referral if you have one.
  • Care card, ICBC/WCB number, case manager's name as needed.
  • Comfortable exercise apparel and shoes. You may want to bring a sleeveless top or shorts if you have a shoulder/lower extremity problem. Occasionally you may get damp from the
  • modalities, so you may also want to bring some extra pants/shirt.
  • Work/athletic shoes or orthotics if applicable.

Will you send reports to my doctor?

Yes, we like to send a progress report when you are seeing your physician, so please inform your therapist a few days in advance if possible. Reports requested by lawyers, employers, and insurance companies, will also be provided as long as a Release of Information form is completed by the client.

Where do I park?

Currently, you may park along the street (2 hour limit), in the parking lot on the north end of the building, or in the Day's Inn or Four Seasons pool parking lot.

Do you have any other questions or concerns?

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